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Coins and paper money can be anything from a fun hobby to a large scale investment opportunity. Over the years a collector may accumulate a large, thorough collection or a random assortment of old coins. From steel cents during WWII to the truly rare pieces, coins and paper can be interesting and often quite valuable. 

Value is often determined by condition and rarity of the coin or note.  These two factors are extremely important in whether a person has a $20.00 item or a $20,000.00 item.  For a more detailed summary and history of the various denominations, please go to the overview page (tab is located at the top of this page).

While I was working at a local Phoenix retail coin shop I would see a large variety of these collections.  Often times I would see a handful of coins, which typically included some or all of the following: a few Buffalo Nickels from the 1930's, a hundred or so Wheat Pennies, an Indian Cent, a couple Eisenhower Dollars, a silver Mercury Dime, a silver certificate from 1957 and a couple of proof sets from the 70's and 80's.

This example, as pictured below, is worth about $17.00.

These are interesting and fun, but not worth a great deal of money.

On some occasions a more scarce and valuable group of coins and paper money would come through the door.  This may include some or all of the following: an early Large Cent, an uncirculated Standing Liberty Quarter, a couple of Bust Half Dollars, a couple of Seated Half Dollars, a $2.50 Gold Indian Quarter Eagle, a $20 Gold Double Eagle and a 1914 $50 Federal Reserve Note. 

An example of these is pictured below and is worth about $3200.00.

One of the best parts of working with coins and paper money is finding the better date coins with people who may or may not know what they have.  I remember a time going to Sun City to meet with a client who was not sure what she had in her collection.  She was not an expert, but wanted to make sure that whomever she sold her coins to would be fair.  We looked over her silver dollars and all were seemingly common and worth around $20.00 each.  I came across a Carson City example that was worth $300.00 and she was very pleased.  She also had an old $20 Gold Double Eagle.  The gold value was around $1500.00 at the time, but it was a slightly better date and was in almost uncirculated condition.  That coin ended up being worth $2300.00. 

These interactions occur on a regular basis and I enjoy explaining the value and finding those hidden treasures with my clients.  Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.

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